Nvest was founded by Shorupan Pirakaspathy and Warren Carson in 2017 in Toronto, Canada to build the world's first cryptocurrency bank that inspired adoption amongst 35-55 years old's. NvestBank went on to be the first company in the world to launch a crypto wallet with offline banking branches. The company has since ventured into a variety of different businesses to form the NvestGroup Inc.


Over the past century the middle class have become less invested in the economy and all evidence points to this trend continuing. "Nvest" is a paradigm shift in finance and technology. We aim to turn the economy into one which all of its participants are owners, not just observers. We believe that the implementation of open blockchain based economic systems are the way to engender this new paradigm. Each investment we make has to pass the following litmus test.

"Are your products/services helping people retake ownership of their financial future?"

What is

Nvest is an American multinational financial technology holding company headquartered in New York City. The company focuses on incubating and investing into emerging technology within the financial services industry. Today Nvest acts as the parent company for three district subsidiary companies namely, NvestCapital, NvestStudios, and NvestLabs. It drives real shareholder value through the incubation of dynamic brands within the blockchain industry across 3 continents.

What is

NvestCapital is our asset management business. It is focused on deploying capital through two primary vehicles, NvestVentures and NvestAssetManagement (NAM). NvestVentures functions as an early stage venture fund that invests into blockchain enabled technologies. NvestAssetManagement is a digital hedge fund which curves yield from the token markets through a series of proprietary financial instruments.

What is

NvestLabs is a Research & Development company which focuses on the convergence of open blockchains and distributed artificial intelligence. It functions as a proprietary and open source for blockchain literature. It's vast database of research equips the Nvest portfolio companies with the latest technical expertise . Experts from all over the world contribute to while dozens of engineers work at the state of the art NvestCampus' in Bangalore and Toronto.

What is

NvestStudios is multi-media holdings company that builds and acquires digital media properties for blockchain enabled startups. In today's tech climate, companies grossly underestimate the value of branding. NvestStudio utilizes big data collection mechanisms and its state of the art content production capabilities to help the Nvest portfolio companies tell their story to the masses.

What is

NvestSearch is the collectivizing application for the Nvest ecosystem. it is an actionable search engine that indexes the financial web. With applications like Nvestbank, GX, and NvestDNA built into the platform, it gives the customers a full suite of tools to explore the internet of value.

Own The MarketNvest's Portfolio By Industry Segmentation

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UnBank The WorldOur Mission Is To Empower Ownership Of The Economy For All Its Participants

    UnLock The CapitalFor the first time in modern history we are able to store our own money. This has the opportunity to fundamentally change the current financial framework. The relationship between custodian and customer will never be the same again. Facilitating this transition is the first step in financial liberation.

    UnPlug The BanksThe second tenant of our mission is to assist companies who can disrupt the current establishment. The current financial services industry includes many cases of excessiveness which imposes a burden on the overall economy. Many of the processes that they perform are redundant and hyper inefficient. Increasing competition within this sector is crucial for financial liberation.

    UnBank The WorldOur solemn creed to "UnBank The World" is more of a mission that affects sentiment of the people. There will always be financial institutions, banks, and other custodians. We at Nvest, wish to engender a world which has control and optionality over their financial future. The companies that we incubate help build this future.

Nvest The Future At Your Fingertips.Nvest is an American multinational financial technology holding company headquartered in New York City. The company focuses on incubating and investing into emerging technology within the financial services industry.